Flypool payout amount change

hi I’m using simple mining os with 2 rigs that I send to fly pool.
I want to change the payout amount for my account but in the settings I asked to give ip address for my worker to validate its me.
this ip dress I’m try to get it from simple mining os dashboard when I’m hold my mouse on my rig name.
I got the adress for each rig but none work for the payout change.
any ideas how I get the ip they want in fly pool?
thanks ahead!!

If you are on Windows open your Command Prompt and Type ipconfig /all and you will see your IP

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thanks for the quick answer.
the rigs are on simple mining os (linux based). if you know.
and I’m control the rigs from web browser on Mac .

ahh ok open the console/terminal and type ifconfig I think

Go to and put it in. That’s the address it’s looking for.

If you don’t have static IP from your provider - you must use extrnal IP which you can get as described in nags post