Forkinf zcash for new cryptocurrency

hi i wanna create my own coin, i dont know what files edit and what fields.

I would suggest you start by running a Zcash full node or contributing to the Zcash ecosystem first so you can get a feel of where things are and how they work. Additionally, a simpler coin such as Bitcoin itself might be easier to fork.

If you choose to go down the former route, the best way to get started is by building and running the official full node (source here). Changing things around can get you quite familiar with the codebase, and if you make a notable change, you can create a pull request and have it merged in. Additionally, you can look through the Issues section and try to fix a bug or add a feature another user already requested. Generally, some easy ones are always left there for new people to join in.

Good luck!


i see the source code but i dont know witch fields in where files edit to create a new coin, i dont fi d anny documentation like in cryptonote

i hope you are doing this for education purposes…

Check the commits from “zerocurrency” on this page and earlier, you’re going to find what you need:

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i wanna use my own blockchain yes for education purposes

hi i see the commits only ond i dobt understa d i puted in the comments sections