How do I start my own mining pool? Is it worth? What it takes?

Hi there, I’m starting to study more about cryptocurrencies and I woud like to know what it takes to start a zcash pool. I’d like to contribute somehow with ZCash but I have a low budget machine and won’t pay eletricity to mine. Is there some material I could read about mining pools here related to Zcash? :smiley:

[This might help not sure though. But doesn’t hurt to read!] (Set up your own private stratum pool)

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I hate to be “that guy”. But I think the ship has already sailed. You would have to be pretty unique and offer something all of the other pools don’t have in order to gain much traction. The difficulty on Zcash has been rising and there’s already been a shift in movement from some of the lower hashrate pools to the larger ones. That will continue as things get more difficult.

That being said, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from learning about setting up a pool and learning the whole process :slight_smile: I just wouldn’t bother if you’re looking to profit off it at this point.

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What would be a way to contribute to ZCash as a programmer(WEB, DS etc…)?

First Thanks! Better heard that now than later hahahaha.
That’s a great advice, as I’m learning more from coins in general this is very handy. Something was telling me this idea would somehow lead me to this conclusion. Is it possible that lower fees would be more attractive? I see that ZCash has risen it’s difficulty to mine.
I’ll check it out, would you have another thing to add like a source to study this things or something like this?

Lower fees or zero fees definitely wouldn’t hurt, but that’s not really enough to get people to your pool for long. People want to mine ZEC and they want to mine it fast. The only way to do that is by having the highest hashrate on the entire network. You would literally have to dethrone Flypool for that spot currently and there are already at least 2 other pools that are considerably more reputable that don’t even come close. The gap between Flypool and the rest is too large at this point.

I personally have a z-nomp pool up and running (which I’m not using) because I’m the type of person who likes options and wants to learn. There are also other pool software developers as well. Here’s a few sites to check out (To at least get you started):

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What do you mean by mining it fast(seriously)? When a pool find a block and their miners start to send their H/s does it take longer for them to receive the coins than if they were a bigger pool? I mean you NEED to mine the entire block? How exactly does all this process works?

Example. Flypool finds over 200 blocks in a 24 hour period due to the fact it holds 90-100Mh/s on the whole network. Suprnova finds around 30 blocks in a 24 hour period with around 9Mh/s on the whole network. Obviously the more people you have mining on a pool, the better your chances of finding a block. The flip side to that is, the more people you have mining to find the block, the more people that block has to be split amongst. Because Flypool has such a massive hashrate compared to the others, your payouts are smaller but faster. Whereas on Suprnova they would be much slower but larger.

I think you’d be better suited to read how mining crypto currency works and the overall process before taking on something like running a pool. You’re going to need to understand how it all works :slight_smile: