Found an old ZEC wallet, need some help

Hey friends… i found an old wallet on linux machine of mine and i updated everything ok. However when tying to move some of my ZEC from T to Z its giving me the following error :

error code: -26
error message:
Sprout shielding is not supported after Canopy

Any idea what I should do here?..I have updated my software to the latest version

If the addy prefix is ‘zc’ then, like it says, its a sprout address and you can’t send into the sprout pool anymore. You should generate a new sapling address with z_getnewaddress and just send to yourself there.

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Sounds like you have funds in Sprout. To send funds to Sapling they have to go through the turnstile: first send to a T address then to a new Z address and it should work.


thanks guys. forgot about this wallet was from while back…all good now. appreciate the responses here

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