Help importing old ZEC paper wallet from July 2017

I have this old ZEC paper wallet I created in July 2017, it has a:

z-address, starts with ‘zc’
viewing key, starts with: ‘VK’
spending key, starts with: ‘SK’

I tried importing the spend key in ZecWallet Desktop, but it says:

Bad key
The input key was not recognized as either a sapling spending key or a sapling viewing key

How can I import this paper wallet to transfer it to a modern wallet?

Thats a Sprout key and that may require importing directly with zcashd. Functionality with Sprout has been steadily reduced and the eventual elimination of the pool is likely but you should still be able to import the sk and migrate out

Thanks, I will spin up a zcashd node and try it.

Yes, that worked.

zcash-cli z_importkey {zkey}
zcash-cli z_mergetoaddress ‘[“ANY_SPROUT”]’ {transparent_address_to_send_to}