Full node Raspberry Pi 2

I want to run a fullnode on a raspberry pi 2 with Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL.
On Ubuntu it runs fine but i dont want to waste my workstation for the fullnode.

I found a tutorial but this didnt work.

May someone can help me with that.

It’s unlikely that you will be able to run Zcash on a Raspberry Pi 2 since Zcash is designed to run on 64bit OS.

I have seen a few threads talk about trying it on a Raspberry Pi 3 but have not heard of any successful compilations due to the ARM architecture.

Bad to hear that…
Will a Pi 3 be better, or is it the same?

Pi-3 is based on ARM as well as Pi-2 so you better look at some cheap x64 Atom-powered boards. I’ve heard it’s becoming popular now and have seen couple of projects at kickstarter. Also keep in mind that 4GB RAM is recommended minimum to make z-wallet transactions.