Future of Zcash dev funding — megathread / everything in one place


Im back :slight_smile:

I am doing one of @kek’s proposals (the ‘kick the can proposal’) and I am also doing @lex-nodes

@Autotunafish I have sent you a PM that might make you want to submit your proposal. I will certainly help with the bits I can if that is what you would like.

@kek your second proposal are you happy putting that in yourself?

@rebekah93 I don’t think you got back to me if you would like some help or not (to be fair I cant remember if I asked you wanted any help, I think I did tho.)

EDIT: just remembered I think kek has high winds and stuff to deal with IRL, so I think either you or I @sonya should do at least a draft of his second proposal to get into GitHub - I am not 100% on the deadline, but the info is simple so I will do it. Let me know if you want to.




Zooko shared this (thank you)

This is one of the cited articles from within

Ive elaborated on this very thing around the forum enough


any idea when we’ll be moving forward with this @zooko @acityinohio ? seems like it’s been a minute since i’ve seen any updates. have a feeling markets will react well once this is ironed out.


They were both at Crypto Springs and talked there. Basically, they’re still working it out.


Yup @zooko and I talked in person just two days ago (in addition to a number of virtual conversations before then). It’s a bit complicated (legal agreements being what they are) and I can’t speak for @zooko but I felt really good after the last discussion and feel like we’re close to ironing out the final lingering issues. Hope we have more detailed progress to share soon.


Wow, didn’t expect 22 votes in that poll…

(I am looking through my post history trying to find something else)

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Hey everybody! Check it out: Electric Coin Co has donated the Zcash trademark to Zcash Foundation. This novel structure furthers decentralization and protects the community’s voice with regard to the future of Zcash. :slight_smile: https://electriccoin.co/blog/electric-coin-co-donates-zcash-trademark-to-zcash-foundation/


Not gonna lie, I found the hangout rather disconcerting. I really enjoyed it (best Zcash T-shirt so far!) and I want to say thanks to everyone :yellow_heart:

When it comes to what we’re trying to do here however, we need to remember that its not experimental funding, it’s funding experiments. The funding is the means. Zcash exists because lots of people had some seriously wild ideas and experimented with them.
(if any of you feel like that’s a self contradictory statement just remember that one is science and the other ain’t)
I know some people know this but its rather apparent some people don’t. I hope they’ll come around to understand that Zcash really is special. :zcash:


link to hangout? thanks.

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I dont have the link to the recording yet but it should be around pretty soon I would think

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Here ya go!

Forum thread —> Zcash Protocol Hangout, Dev Fund Edition #2

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governance, onward!


The list of proposals on this thread and here is updated now to the best of my knowledge!

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I’ve submitted a last-minute ultra-simplified variant of some of the other proposals: “Keep It Simple, Zcashers (KISZ): 10% to ECC, 10% to ZFnd”

Canonical Github PR: https://github.com/zcash/zips/pull/293

Proposal-specific thread: ZIP: "Keep It Simple, Zcashers (KISZ): 10% to ECC, 10% to ZFnd"


This ZIP proposes:

After the 1st Zcash Halvening, when the “Founder’s Reward” system-bootstrapping protocol-based development funding expires, continue to direct 20% of new ZEC issuance to development-related activities for ongoing research, development, innovation, and maintenance of Zcash.

Assign half of such funds to the ECC, and half to the ZFnd. Continue this allocation until the 2nd Halvening.


Hey folks, I’ve heard some positive comments about the Zcash community decision process recently:

  • “Lots of people are sleeping on the ZcashFoundation ElectricCoinCo DevFund debates. This is the most sophisticated debate/discussion on post-launch dev funding for a blockchain project in history…” — https://twitter.com/lex_node/status/1195718760616865796, plus see also the rest of the attached thread.

  • “I couldn’t agree more with this thread The amount of quality discussion that has been taking place is amazing! I’m bullish on the ElectricCoinCo & ZcashFoundation as well as the community to settle on the best decision for the Zcash protocol & the ZEC community as a whole…” — https://twitter.com/decentralistdan/status/1195776252336115712

  • “Catching up on mhluongo’s governance proposal for ZCash foundation & dev funding. Outside the circumstance itself, the discussion thread is an excellent case study for anyone that wants to learn more about decentralized protocol governance.”—https://twitter.com/Goltra/status/1196870691259219968

  • I personally sat at a table with some of the leaders of multiple other well-funded, prominent crypto projects a few days ago, and I was surprised to learn that they all have substantial structural problems in their governance, such as having a for-profit company and a non-profit foundation, but the boards and management of the two are actually the same people — or mostly the same people — so that the two organizations don’t have real independence. One of them said to me “I’m amazed at how strong the Zcash governance structure is. I’m envious. I so much wish we could have that.” (which story I previously recounted in reddit)

I agree with these people! The Zcash community is awesome. Throughout some extremely difficult circumstances, you’ve demonstrated how to act as a values-oriented, constructive, thoughtful community. I’m super proud to be a part of it.


Oh yeah, and see this article about the Zcash community by Leigh Cuen in Coindesk if you haven’t already: https://www.coindesk.com/zcash-trademark-talks-were-about-more-than-a-logo


Another one:

By the way, I didn’t point this out in my previous comment, but none of these people who are praising the quality of the discussion — none of them are randos that I’ve never heard of before. They’re all people who have positive track records in the industry or at least they’re people that I started following and paying attention to long ago because they seemed to be thoughtful and interesting.


@zooko, thanks for this perspective. Likewise to @acityinohio who expressed similar sentiments elsewhere. I’d like to chime in!

We all have gripes and critiques, but taking a step back? I too haven’t seen any decentralized governance process deciding things on this scale of importance, complexity and contentiousness, and doing it anywhere this well. The depth of discussion and the constructive spirit here are outstanding.

We will be churning through this for a while still, and we will do some things better next time, but also: the Zcash community will emerge from this stronger, more informed and better bonded.

Down the road, when people ask, “so how did you make decentralized financial privacy happen, earlier this century?”, we’ll get to honestly give them this impossible answer: a bunch of us showed up on the Internet, and we debated until we figured it out.


Amen. I am not unwaveringly optimistic, but I feel pretty good about how we’re all doing so far. (“We” being the Zcash community at large.) Our half-designed half-emergent governance is flawed, and it’s painful to bite the bullet on tradeoffs. Certainly, grappling with more of those is imminent. Yet I still think that we’re muddling our way toward a good-faith outcome that will support Zcash and its purposes. Its telos, even!

The challenge is to balance utopian dreams against pragmatic constraints :stuck_out_tongue: I find it comforting to remember that any person or group who wants to change the world will face that challenge. The only way out is through!


Hey folks, for people who (like me) aren’t realistically going to sit through two hours of video, we made a summary of our recent livestream, which includes the state of the project from our perspective, the Electric Coin Company’s operations and plans, and our stance on the dev fund.