General Overview

I have been observing in the last weeks the, so far, a confused dance around the NU4 protocol update.
20%/10%, multi-sign etc…

I personally have my own opinion, but it’s not the post to express that.

Currently the most important subject should be: z-adoption (network security).
The only index I am currently monitoring is the z2z daily transactions. I recognize that in the last weeks the overall number of transactions is increasing, but not the fully shielded.

WE MUST increase the number of services that accepts z-payments. I am fed up of using litecoin to pay for my videogames or holidays. I want to use z-payments.

Let’s organize a z2z month event. Let’s expand ideas like this one. Let’s focus on shielded adoption.


Ooooh, z2z Month would be awesome! Thanks for suggesting that, I put it on my list of ideas!

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