Genoil's ZEC Miner

If anybody’s interested I’ve wrote a little batch file which automatically restarts the miner when a miner quit (speed goes to 0.0S/s) or null shares is found. I’ve run this overnight and it seems to work well keeping the miner going and a little better than timed restarts as it checks the output every 5 seconds to see if an error has occurred.

There are two batch files, you need to run the first one which launches the second

@echo off
echo starting miner
if exist output.txt del output.txt
time /t
start /MIN nh.bat
timeout /T 5 /NOBREAK >nul
findstr /C:"quit" /C:"null" output.txt && (
taskkill /F /IM genoil.exe
timeout /T 1 /NOBREAK >nul
echo re-starting miner
goto loop
) || (
goto loop2

Second batch file named nh.bat

genoil.exe -c -u yourID.yourWORKER -p x > output.txt
echo quit >output.txt

Hopefully helpful for somebody


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