Genoil's ZEC Miner

With the Silent Army just marching in, I figured it was pointless to submit for the open source contest, as well as putting a devfee on anything that’s just about as fast as what nicehash are publishing very soon. And besides, my fame in crypto land was partially made by actually publishing Windows binaries in an easy to find place so I though let’s continue like that.

There are several reasons why I don’t publish the source of this. One of them is that I want to save you the pain of having to go through this awful junk. Another one is that I have evil plans with this junk. And finally I got John’s CUDA solvers without any license stuck onto them a few weeks back, so I have no idea what he wants me to do with it.

All I know is that this works on suprnova with at least Hawaii (390X @20), Ellesmere (470 @14) and Fiji (Fury@23) (very approximate numbers there), so I hope it does for you too! Feedback and suggestions are very much appreciated!

Have fun!


What amd driver version does this run on. My cards run on 15.7 ccc but none of the miners seem to support a card this age.

i honestly wouldn’t know. i had somebidy else ask why it doesn’t work…so something is wrong and i’m trying to figure out why it simply hashes away on my box.

How about Linux version?


If you do not plan to release the source, would it be possible to get linux binaries?

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ultimately yes. maybe even with source. but first i have to get the silent army kernel in :wink:

It won’t start, just exits. I’m on win10 64bit, rx480 4gb


nor working on 5*rx 480 windows 10 64 bit drivers 16.9.2


It seems to start ok but then detects my cards as caymen and then shuts down.

the miner stop working

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Will this work for nvidia cards?

Whatever you want to do that’s compatible with the MIT License that it’s currently under :slight_smile:

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the miner do not work . same error

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Big thanks @genoil ! Will link that on my pool as well

Hopefully @Genoil can get the GPU miner straight. I’m already going to be mining to your @ocminer pool with quite a few CPUs I’d love for my GPUs to work also. Thanks for all your hard work fellas!

Why the miner do not work? Same error on pictures above.

thanks for reply, on rx470 do not work too

on r7 370 msi do not work too

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I haven’t complied bins for Cayman so that makes sense. RX should work, I have one in my system.

I probably forgot to include something I can’t get my head around.

XFX R9 370 4GB WIN7 15.12drivers not work
my 380/380x and 390 not work too…

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No huge rush though. The slow start mine allows for more optimization for miners.

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Would love if you can throw in the silentarmy kernels into your miner.

Been using your miner at ethereum and been happy without problems.

Thanks for all your work genoil :slight_smile: