Getting ZEC relisted on CEX.IO Coinbase UK

I have just stumbled upon this tweet.

Now the chronology of events was Coinbase UK drops ZEC due to switching to a new banking partner “Clear Bank”.

A couple of weeks later CEX.IO delists ZEC not stating the reason why they did it.
However I can see that the CEX.IO exchange has at that time started processing domestic GBP payments through “Clear Junction”.

Now if what Im thinking is correct, not only do our friends in the UK have a safe and instant way to purchase ZEC through Kraken but…

I suspect Clear Junction is just an EMI that is used by Clear Bank for its smaller clients in order to lower overall risk.

Now could be the perfect time to ask CEX.IO and Coinbase UK to relist ZEC. Because if Kraken can trade privacy coins with the same bank so can the other two exchanges.

A carefully worded letter from someone official could be all it takes to relist ZEC on these two exchanges.

I can only imagine how busy you people are with the whole dev fund issue and I wouldn’t bring this up if I didn’t think the timing is perfect for this.

So please @joshs look into this and also @Sonya @Shawn @Zooko anyone… If Josh is on holiday. I don’t know how the holiday season is over the Atlantic.

And please delete this post if you find any flaw in my logic as to not confuse anyone else.


Thanks for looking into this. I’ll dig into it but it might be a few days.


A few days shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t think even after Christmas and New Year would be much of a problem. I just wanted to bring this issue to you as soon as possible, I have faith that you will prioritize it accordingly. Maybe a pm would have been more appropriate but since its so close to the holiday season I thought this would be more effective…


Much more @joshs’ wheelhouse than mine, so I’ll leave it in his capable hands :slight_smile: