Kraken Germany is delisting Zcash

My on and off ramp to buy and sell Zcash will be gone in about two months.
Is there something we can do about that? i do not really understand all of their upcoming delistings, since Mina is also one of them!?

not too long ago i wanted to buy some ZEC with BTC on their platform, but somehow the trading pair was disabled and i had to do it with BTC-USD USD-ZEC.

if ZEC gets delisted, this will be a punch in the face for me, since i do all of my crypto trading on kraken. maybe we can contact them and see why exactly this is happening.


It looks like a delisting, but it’s actually because Kraken is moving to serve their German customers through DLT Finance via a new partnership:

So this is likely due to DLT Finance not supporting ZEC and related assets. As to why DLT Finance doesn’t support them, IDK.


with new regulations that are coming to europe in 2025, this is most likely only the beginning and in a year or so we could end up in a situation where we do not have a single fiat on and off ramp for ZEC over here.

when i saw that they will also delist (sorry but it will be a delisting) MINA, there might be a chance for us to educate them and work with them on that issue. if we don’t do that - we will loose all the holders of ZEC that are keeping their coins on exchanges over here.

guys, please don’t roast me and tell me that we don’t need those that only keep their coins on exchanges.


withdraw coins form exchanges and use peer 2 peer like crypto is meant to

did you think about the consequences that something like this has for more than one minute?

i don’t want to end up in a situation where i have to meet with a stranger to give him large amounts of cash just to buy ZEC. I trust exchanges like Kraken and Coinbase more than someone that i met on the internet and i also want to keep my history for taxes like they should be.

it’s also not just the exchanges that will give me troubles in the future, it’s my bank that will sooner or later cancel my bank account if i transact in a privacy coin that gets blacklisted everywhere. we need to educate them, if not this won’t end well!

@i2pZ7812HTZV69 if you want to live underground and maybe even have to meet with criminals just to get in and out of crypto we are not the same persons and it makes no sense to have this conversation. this might work for small amounts or maybe for buying gift card but not for buying a car or an apartment.

any serious investor will evaluate these decisions and if we don’t have the on and off ramps to do this easily und correctly they won’t join.

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I have established communication with a key contact at Kraken. I shared details about our community’s TEX-address (ZIP-320) solution for Binance. Additionally, I informed them about the community’s concerns regarding the delisting of ZEC in Germany. They have started an internal discussion on this matter. I will provide updates promptly as I receive further information from Kraken.


thanks for keeping us informed!

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@silentZcollector The way things are going for having privacy and private property you will be deem a criminal.
So who do you want to write the definition, What a criminal is ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kraken just announced they will be relisting assets on their German platform. Is ZEC included? @paulbrigner

Link, please.

click on the link in the post ser

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