Gitcoin Hackathon - Community Choice Award

Gitcoin Hackathon - Community Choice Award

Yesterday was the submission deadline for the Gitcoin Protect Privacy Hackathon. The main Zcash bounty was Protect Privacy with Shielded Zcash (link). We received four submissions out of eight teams that started work on the project. We also received submissions for smaller bounties related to bug fixes, documentation and localization. We plan to announce winners early next week after the Gitcoin Demo Day is scheduled.

Help us pick the Community Choice award by voting for one of these four projects. Please submit your vote on or before Friday, July 10th.

  • Receive Zcash from Fiat Spenders, link
  • Zper, paywall merchant app designed for private Zcash, link
  • ZAct, a decentralized app to help coordinate marches and activism activities anonymously, link
  • NightHawk, an Android wallet using the Zcash Android SDK, link

Kudos to all the teams who participated during the hackathon. Great work! We hope that you’ll continue contributing to the Zcash community by participating in our regular community calls and events.

  • Receive Zcash from Fiat Spenders
  • Zper
  • ZAct
  • NightHawk

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all the projects are great
i voted ZAct - despite the fact that its most “difficult” to make it mass adopted (between the 4)
for the creativity
and they made it clear on github so you can understand exactly what it is and how it works
i found it difficult to understand what exactly is “receive zcash from fiat spenders”


agree! ZAct seems pretty cool to me too. have a feeling ZAct could also be gamified. seems like there’s potential outside of just activism.

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