Hackathon Ideas Thread

Hello Zcashers,

As you know, we’re very excited about the upcoming Protect Privacy Hackathon we’re hosting in partnership with Gitcoin. We’re inviting developers from around the world to participate for a chance to earn more than $6,000 in bounty prizes. We’d love to see use cases for Zcash that utilize shielded transactions, memo fields, and viewing keys in new and unique ways.

  • Learn more about the bounty prizes in our latest blog post.
  • Register for the hackathon on Gitcoin.

There will be plenty of resources and information published over the next two weeks to get started. We also wanted to share a few ideas to help get the creativity flowing.

z2z Merchant Store
Launch a “Merch Store” where users can buy and sell Zcash merchandise through shielded transactions.

Liberated Payments Wallet
Easily send and gift Zcash to new users through a novel use of liberated payments.

Viewing Key Donation Widget
Create an app to verify donations made using the viewing key feature of shielded transactions. See here for more information.

Create a peer-to-peer exchange network for Zcash - similar to Localbitcoins.

Request ZEC Feature
Add a feature to request Zcash from users. Bonus points for custom invoice functionality using the memo field.

Recurring Payments
Recurring payments are useful for any sort of subscription or for sending automatic donations. Build on existing work that can be found here.

Need more ideas? Check out ZECpages, Zbay, ZecWallet and Zcash Foundation grants to see existing community projects. What would you like to see built? Share your ideas in the comment thread below.

Happy Building!


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