Grant idea - Atomex DEX

Beside Thorchain, Atomex wallet also allows swapping between native tokens.
They are baked by the Tezos foundation (Zcash friends) and their smart contracts have been audited by Least Authority (Also Zcash friends).

Could Zcash be next?


They already support BTC derivatives via generic code. It shouldn’t be difficult to get an unshielded version setup accordingly. Shielded is a much more in depth project due to requiring modified scripts and a few extra rounds of communication.

From a usability point of view, Atomex works with atomic swaps.

Quoting their webpage:

Liquidity providers

Your counterparty is not an ordinary user, but a professional market maker whose task is to ensure sufficient liquidity.

So you need people standing by, waiting to take bids from you. It may be difficult if there isn’t enough interest. It’s kinda like the difference between trading on an exchange vs over the counter.


As one other note, while it is trustless, it’s not a DEX IMO. They have centralized servers and centralized parties in their sphere of influence putting up 100% of the liquidity. I can’t walk in and provide it myself.