Looking for developer BTC-ZEC atomic swap

Hey I’m looking for developer who have skill (and, preferably, some experience) to make an atomic swap mechanism for BTC-ZEC shielded. The goal is to create an opensource wallet with such functions. Good payment for this job is guaranteed. Please PM for contacts.


Howdy bengur, welcome to the forum!

I’m very interested in this topic & I personally think Zcash & Bitcoin can be symbiotic through Economic & technical interoperability. I believe that current Bitcoin users are one of the largest communities that are the most likely to start using Zcash & if we can educate them on the benefits of the shielded pool, we will have new Zcash adopters.

So an open-source shielded swap wallet that can do swaps from ZEC z-address’ to BTC & back is very interesting to me. I see a future where the Zcash shielded pool is used in a Bitcoin users privacy stack

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I’m interested in collaborating on this as well in some way.


The code is out there, just need someone to dust it off and get it to be user friendly :slightly_smiling_face:


I would LOVE to see a BTC/ZEC (shielded) atomic swap funding proposal. Can you please give an estimate of the cost and timeline involved?


Sorry for waking this old thread but it seems its highly relevant due to the latest delisting news.
No new users (DEX and swaps) - no future.

Any news on this development?

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There is a PoC for shielded atomic swaps.