HALO and my paper wallets

If someone has paper wallets, some shielded and some unshielded, will there be any issues with any future upgrades? Or could I bury my paper wallets in a treasure chest and they would still be good 5 years from now?

I presume the answear is yes, but Im a dummy and asking the pros.


That depends on which private Zcash pool the funds are in. There has been talk of retiring the old Sprout pool (which has been mostly migrated to Sapling) eventually, but no concrete plans yet.

Basically, to keep up to date with the latest tech (Halo coming out in January introduces a new pool) you should plan on periodically moving funds.


If you have ZEC in T-addrs or Sapling Address starting from zs… you have nothing to fear.

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There is a discussion around destroying old value pools.

In particular, this section is interesting:

However, we’ve never established an expectation among our users about how long a pool will be supported before we pull the plug on dormant coins. Imagine someone buying some ZEC back in 2016, watching ZEC moon (as we know it will!) and then trying to dig up their old shielded wallet. Surprise!

@Daft Just in case, I would recommend checking in from time to time to see if there is an update.