What can Zcash learn from Signal's spiked usage from earlier this month?

ZF Engineers are considering the following questions, inspired by seeing Signal’s rapid growth, their growing pains, and how they responded: Can Zcash Scale to a Million Users? – The Zcash Foundation

How can we prepare Zcash?


Planning ahead is great. Hopefully Zcash receives the same surge in users.

I think user guides in multiple languages can help. More technical assistance for those wanting to migrate from old shielded pools and hardware wallet support for new shielded pools would be nice.

Right now it seems risky to store Zcash in shielded pools.

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Can you expand on why you believe it’s risky to store Zcash in shielded pools?


Pretend someone you care about has Zcash in a shielded pool but has not been following the project closely and you cannot reach them.

Now read the post below. It sounds very scary.


It would be really great if ZF can work with community to set up expectations for users who use shielded pools, right now, it’s not clear how long can they store value in the shielded pool they selected. There is no automatic way to upgrade? Is there one? there are various types of users: exchanges, custodians, custodial, mobile, desktop & hardware wallets to handle. How can Zcash innovate without creating user burden & complexity? I’m not an Zcash tech expert but ZF & others can come together with better solution (don’t tell me we are going to have new pools every-time Zcash innovates).

Destroying any shielded pool is confiscating private money.

EDIT: ebfull’s post about what I described here: What do we do about legacy value pools?