Heartwood Activation Countdown - July 16th

Hear ye, hear ye! The third network upgrade to the Zcash network is about 2 weeks away. NU3, codenamed Heartwood, will activate to mainment at block 903000, approximately July 16, 2020 10:01 UTC+. (Please note this time is an approximation assuming 75/sec per block.)

To celebrate the Heartwood Mainnet activation, we want to invite you to participate in the Community Countdown, live-streamed on Youtube. We’ll reflect on Heartwood, answer questions from the audience, play a quick game of Zcash Taboo* and count-down together to the activation of another network upgrade for Zcash.

Add this event to your calendar.

*What is Zcash Taboo? You’ll have to tune in to find out!


Yay! Excited for this upgrade.

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Can anyone point to a testnet block with a shielded coinbase e.g. on https://explorer.testnet.z.cash/?

@garethtdavies Been working on tools around this but saw this post late, check out https://explorer.testnet.z.cash/tx/51a4cd59d445463292f3fe0bcaec252577f2c5b483ed753aecf4bf4455a9e725

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What a coincidence;
Grin’s third network upgrade is expected on the very same day!


Bout 59 hours… I get up early anyways!

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Good morning party people! Here is the Youtube link for the live stream.

We will probably start around 10:15 since activation block height is supposed to be 10:51 or a little afterwards.

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Interesting, privacy coin using Zoom…

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