Help with choosign a rig frame

Hello there, I am looking for some rig frames. I use now a home made ones from a plastic containers and they are terrible for component maintenance and just a simple movement with it is a pain. Looking for something durable, easy to build, for 6 graphic cards, for less than 100 €. Any suggestions?

DIY, less than $25 in material:


I’ve built a bunch of these using cedar boards from Home Depot. Here’s a diagram. You only need 2 3/4" x 1.5" x 8’ boards and one sheet of 24x24x1/4" MDF. You can make two for around 30 clams.


Or you could go cheap as I do with a 15 dollar show racks


Yep, scraps and mdf board, heavy but solid
Edit- that CAD image looks alot like mine

Thank you guys for suggestions, I don’t like the idea of a rig from wood as it acts as insulator, not mentioning fire hazard. The shoe rack looks similar to what I have now :slight_smile:
e-bay is full of rigs, that look good, but the prices + shipping are just over the top.
Meanwhile I found something local:
What do you think about it?

I made mine out of aluminum angle. I just followed a video tut. on youtube. I think total cost to make 2 was 75 bucks.

Or 0$ and just lay them on the ground:


The cards do get hot, but wood ignites at about 190 C, most miners won’t do past 80 C
Edit- as in prefer 70s and below, 90s out of the question

GPUs don’t get nearly hot enough to start a fire on a wooden frame.

@johnwisdom Damn right. :+1: …although this is, admittedly, a temporary situation.

My situation too :slight_smile: Was just trying some quick overclocking in the new office :smiley:

This is great :joy::joy:

I would have my cards like that but it would be a mess in my tiny apartment haha. Well that and I have carpet.

Thank you guys for the suggestions :+1:. At the end I got a recommendation from my friend for a local store:
For start I bought one and built it during the weekend. It looks pretty nice and robust construction. Here is how it looks

Man that looks a lot better than my homemade ones! I like that you can stack those! I should have went with this rack so I could just stack them in the tent I purchased.