Genius mining frame design? I think it is

Hey everyone, I’m about to get into the mining business, and planning to build my first mining rig for zcash.
I was looking around for potentian setups, and mining frames, and found a guy on youtube with an out of the ordinary design idea. link: Mining Rig 8 x GTX 1060 Slim Frame Build Wall Mount - YouTube
Why hasn’t anybody build such rig yet, why do you think it’s not a common style? You guys are much more experienced in mining than me, how would you compare the traditional, and this mining rig?

Cheers, Adam
ps.: sry for my bad english, it’s not my mother tongue


very nice work :+1:

at what temperature are the GPUs in use please? (±)

Just my quick two cents on what I’m not so crazy about in this layout:

  1. You might need longer than usual cables for risers and PCI-E power for the cards. I can’t see exactly where the mobo is on the back and I can’t exactly figure out the height of the whole thing but taking into account a min height of 11cm for each card and a min vertical spacing of 2cm that yields 4 x 11 + 3 x 2 = 50 cm minimum from highest card extremity to the lowest. Depending on where you place your mobo and PSUs that may stretch some of the cables a bit but I guess it depends on what you have at hand, to work with.

  2. This is a more minor issue, but unless the main board is cut to accommodate each card, I guess that the back of each card is “glued” to the board and that prevents some amount of heat escaping that way (maybe not too much but still).

  3. Depending on the orientation for the exhaust vents of each card, either the lower cards will blow hot air on the ones above them and/or vice-versa, or every 2 cards on the same level will blow a part of the hot air into each other, at the same time partially cancelling the work of the neighboring fans on every 2 adjoining cards at the same level (basically the fans “towards the middle” on each card will push hot air into each other) thus possibly lowering somewhat the cooling efficiency.


  1. It looks kind of nice.

  2. It takes much less space and looks sort of tidier than most things out there.

Agreed - I would be very concerned with the cool air intake of the left four GPUs. What do you think of our 12 GPU design?IMG_20170801_142605120IMG_20170807_165138817

I saw this earlier today - I love the design. It allows the maximum surface area for cool air over the heatsink fins which should lower gpu temps considerably with much less fan noise and power. Much better than the old design where the fans that cool the GPU pull air from the next card’s super hot backplate. With this design there wouldn’t be a need to have additional fans blowing air from front to back of the cards as long as the room has good air circulation normally and the heat doesn’t accumulate in the room as a whole.

I’m not sure how he secured his GPUs to the backboard, but I would at least zip tie the pcie mount to the backboard to secure them and use either motherboard standoffs or some other method to secure the risers other than glue because that melts.

My only other concern would be using wood as a backboard against hot backplates. This concern could be alleviated by drilling some breather holes through it where the GPU contacts the wood to allow for better heat dissipation of the backplate, by using aluminum or some other material that disperses heat more rapidly, or by making sure the GPU doesn’t actually contact the wood backboard directly so it has an air gap.

The issue some mentioned with the PSU power cables reaching the lower cards might be addressed by mounting the PSUs on the sides in the middle of the rig with the fan intake facing out unless your cables are long enough or you have extensions. That’s pretty hardware specific since PSUs are widely variable in the cables they include.

good luck, looks like a great project!