Help with Testnet coins

Hello there, I am currently trying out Zcash, does anybody know a working faucet site for testnet coins? seems to be down.

I also tried this faucet
but the coins did not get sent to my testnet wallet

my testnet address is tmJ8hHdqqHkMKdfaLQCWKKCMpZ2cqytEpnS
if anybody can send me some testnet coins I’d really appreciate it.


Has your testnet wallet completely synced? If not you probably have them just waiting for the sync

@garethtdavies – see post above

and Welcome to the forums Levant

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I spoke to him last night, supposedly it has, I mentioned the post by Daira about verifying the testnet block hash but I couldn’t find it last night to link to him

@CitricAcid yes it has fully synced. Thanks for the welcome. :grinning:

Update: @garethtdavies has sent me some testnet coins. Apparently his faucet were on the wrong chain, and seems like he had it fixed now. Thank you for the help everyone! :grinning:


Ah sorry, I missed this here but as noted above the faucet didn’t follow the Blossom network upgrade on testnet so was stuck on the old chain. I have since updated that so it should all be working again.

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