Can someone point me to a working faucet?

Need some testnet coins at this testnetwork address tmLa3Qs6gfGCcDav9utXmwtxz1sFXXLcNaD


It looks like the faucet has not yet updated to 1.1.1 so it’s on a different chain now? I couldn’t get it to work. But, CPU mining on the testnet should work. So:


You should find a few blocks in a while. Then you’ll need to z_shieldcoinbase …

I sent you some :smiley:

Let me know if you get it. I sent it from my super-pre-alpha react-native wallet.

You should be able to CPU mine a few blocks pretty easily on the testnet if you’re running a full node …


hey, thanks a lot. I received those coin.


Hm… I assumed because testnet activated Overwinter via the 1.0.15 release that it would already have the Overwinter transaction format changes included. Anyways, I’ve created a ticket for upgrading the faucet: Upgrade testnet faucet · Issue #3364 · zcash/zcash · GitHub Can you include your testimony of the faucet not working for you in that ticket so the infrastructure team can prioritize accordingly?

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