How do I become a successful cryptocurrency trader?


Where to start? Suggest some sources, please!


Investopedia is a pretty good page to get familar with terms, strategies, technical indicators and much more…

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this is such a good clear site! thanks!


Except for youtube channels, blogs and forums, don’t forget about Telegram groups. There are many various channels, I can recommend you Bitmex Signals for start. Join and enjoy, good luck!


If you want to become successful forex trader here you go please


only way you’ll become an apex trader is by understanding what a market is, fundamentals of the specific market you’re trading, who’s the players in a market, and understand what said players’ motivations are. after you have an understanding of what a market is; time to start learning what money is this will help you more correctly evaluate what a thing’s value actually is. after learning what a market, market cycles, market players, and money is - you’ll need to learn how the order book works, and how to read a chart. when first learning to read a chart - don’t make it complex. really get a good feel for how support/resistance/ranges/channels work. once you’ve digested the basics of charting, you can move on to more complex charting like identifying indicative patterns, and behavioral economics.

all that being said: trading is a dark art that can only really be learned by risking your money. as-long-as you learn from your mistakes, and never repeat your mistakes, you’ll be in great shape.


If you are looking to be a trader and not really do much then I would suggest

*disclaimer — this is what happened for me, your experience may be different.

I made my money back within 2 weeks of purchase. My original start balance was 0.02 BTC and my current balance is 0.87. (13 months)