Please Help me out feeling confussed

Hi there I am trying to get into mining and I need as much information as you can give. Want to know that is every graphics card is suitable for every type of mining (BItcoin mining,zcash mining,etherium mining), if yes then please tell me why and what things should be considered to buy components for mining. I should be very thanks full to you if you will help me out

Hi lhaseeb

I suggest you read through some articles, maybe someone can suggest you a couple. Because if everyone here is starting to say his own thought you will get even more confused and if you really are interested in this topic you should at least do some own effort first. But maybe there is someone that is patient enough to get you through this.

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Don’t get into mining. Buy some stocks and bonds and be happy.

No i Just want to experience it

Thanks bro for your advice. so can you guide me about this

Alright alright. Send me $4000 and ill send you $250 per month for a few months and then cut it to 100.

no thanks i want to do it myself

Read and watch the first 200 results for “how to start minining crypto” and you are done with 1st stage. After that if there is still some need for help, post again with a specific question and a lot of forum members will mostly gladly help you go deeper into mining…

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