How do I *use* Zcash?

I used to use the GUI Swing Wallet on Linux and it was good. But now that doesn’t exist anymore. So I have a zcash wallet but no way to send or receive that I know of.

I’ll use the command line if I have to. Can anyone show me a guide?

Even better if there is a GUI I can use. But it has to be one that supports Z addresses. And I still need to send the Zcash from my existing wallet to that GUI whatever it is.

Thank you.

take a look at my most recent post here : How to use the OFFICIAL ZCASH LINUX WALLET on WINDOWS 10

this may help you get started with your wallet.

I am not using Windows but the github link might be what you mean.

Is that really the best there is? I don’t have time or interest to learn a whole new language. At this point I think I just want to sell all of my ZEC for something more user-friendly. Am I supposed to learn the intricate commands for every currency out there?

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all depends what you want friend.

if you are looking for ease of use then zcash is not for you at the moment.

if you are in need of true privacy for your $ then zcash is what you are looking for and you should put
the effort to learn forward.

The fact that you think it is either-or is frightening. Until many people use Z addresses ZEC is not very private. And that will not happen until there is a GUI.

I will sell my ZEC for XMR.

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That’s not an accurate representation. In Zcash, when using shielded transactions the pool of “mixed” transactions is every single shielded transaction that ever happened (which despite low use is still very large). So, while increased usage of z-addrs further increases this and is obviously a good thing if you want to send a shielded transaction now then ZEC absolutely is private.

For the network as a whole it is certainly true that there are a low % of shielded transactions which needs better wallets that support shielded transactions which are (hopefully) on the way.

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To that end, were any grants awarded for wallet development that you’re aware of?

Also…with the deprecation of the GUI SWING wallet for Linux, what’s the next best thing out there?

Yes, Guarda light wallet see The second round of awards is happening now(ish) too

Also, a big one will be hardware wallet support and that should be feasible post-Sapling with delegated proving.

For maintained GUI wallets I think WinZEC is it? Otherwise you’ll have to stick to the official client.