How is research on auditing the total number of coins going?

I’m referring to this comment: Zcash monetary base can't be audited? - #4 by zooko

Has any progress been made here?

Yes, it seems likely (although a final decision has not been made) that the planned Sapling upgrade will audit the monetary base of all pre-Sapling transactions: Decide how spends from old notes or addresses will work after the Sapling circuit upgrade · Issue #2248 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

Has a final decision been made yet?

The rest of the Sapling design hasn’t been specified yet, so no, but I see no obstacle to doing so.

not sure this is really pressing, ATM! believe, if there’s ever an obviously large divergence between market cap/exchange rate; you’ll know there’s artificial/unexpected supply hitting the market. haven’t seen that happen!

I would prefer a more concrete alternative to that situation if possible, kek.

Agreed, If someone were able to mint new coins, they would not suddenly flood the market with millions worth of zec. It would be a slow process, 100zec here 100zec there, cash out. etc.

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absolutely agree, just think we’ll be able to spot artificial supply in the markets until that happens : )

Any progress on this front yet?

Can anyone give me a concrete answer to the question will we ever be able to count exactly how many zec are out there?

You can find how many blocks have been mined and multiply it by 12.5. I think that will give you how many coins there are right now.

Check this and you will know how many ZEC has been mined

if you don’t feel like looking-up how many blocks have been mined, and doing the multiplication; can be lazy, like me, and check coinmarketcap

@zcashzsmash With 1.0.14 you can audit coin supply:

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