How much storage do I need to run a node?

Is there a website that tells me how much storage I need to run a zcash node?

I was running the 5.2.0 zcashd version on Ubuntu. A few days ago I got an error message saying I need more space. It was already using somewhere around 140 GB. Is that normal? Seems like a lot.

I deleted the blocks and upgraded to 5.3.0. Will this version use less storage? How much do I need to allocate to be safe?


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Found the solution. This website shows how much storage is needed:


You currently must sync and maintain the whole blockchain to run a full node on Zcash.

The required blockchain storage space will vary slightly depending on OS and storage medium.

Since late June the network has been subject to a spam attack that has seen the storage requirements increase by ~1gb/day.


My node is 225gb right now.


Total storage of zcash, .zcash and .zcash-params with the txindex flag ~ 316 GB
Without the txindex flag ~ 178 GB

.zcash by itself is the big one (contains ‘blocks’ folder) in either case at 304 GB and 171 GB repsectively



zcashd 5.3.1 rc1

1 TB External SSD is currently under $100.

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Is your setup using an external SSD?

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Mine are internal, my external drives are kinda smaller, need to get some more. I do have a 1 TB usbc flash drive but its for a different backup purpose. Hi speed externals are probably a really good option. I’ve noticed with the raspberry pi 5 for example the internal 2242 nvme with sizes over 256GB are pretty pricey

Currently using a External HDD with the Pi ( I had one laying around )


I believe that we will get resolution to the blockchain spamming (size bloat) challenge before its overall size exceeds 1TB or whereabouts. Growing beyond the convenience of 1TB could brick a lot of existing node operator hardware

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Not only that, but mobile wallets don’t have that much storage. As far as I know, you need to download all information for sync, right?

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No, mobile wallets like ywallet and zecwallet lite queue a server that runs lightwalletd for block information that comes from a full node running somewhere. They don’t store the block chain itself but scanning the history requires getting that info to your phone, your phone trial decrypts the tx, stores information about txs that do decrypt (because theyre to or from you) and repeat until fully caught up.