Zcash memory size. HELP!

I want to start mining but I not sure if I have enough memory size. If the maximum block size is 2MB and the blockchain height is 200480, The blockchain takes 400960 MB (2 times 200480) which is 783.125 GB (400960/1024), right? Either my math is off (which is more likely) or this is absurd.
Even if my math is off, how do I wipe my notebook’s memory from anything related to Zcash? Delete the client, the blockchain, wallet, and anything else?

You’re thinking to much…

Does your GPU have at least 2gb ram?
Does the system you are running have enough ram to run the operating system under recommended settings?

If yes to both, you are fine.

Fortunately, yes to both, but I got to have my pc store the blockchain. How much disk space does it take?

So you are going to run zcash4win wallet on the computer you are mining on? I would have it on a seperate system.

A current zcash4win wallet with a block chain @ 100% sync on December 19, 2017 takes up just under 10 gigs and that is after 13.5 months of a blockchain. So you’ll need around 50GB of storage space

I can spare up to 300 GB. But now I got another problem. The download speed of the blockchain.
On the 44% milestone the download rate dropped. In 10 minutes it went only received around 100 blocks whereas yesterday the rate as like 1000 blocks in 2 mins. Did you have the same issue?