How to change the blockchain dir

I want to store data on another partition, how to do it?

you can start Zcash as “zcashd -datadir=” and then the location for the files!

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Thanks for this solution.

Is it possible to somehow specify this option in the configuration files to make it the default?

that I have not tried! I’ve always seen it passed in on the command line, and was wondering the same thing myself last night while working on an app that uses datadir=

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Ah, it seems like -datadir= is the exception for the zcash.conf. Bitcoin has the same thing… only bitcoin-qt (which calls bitcoind) can save a configuration to start the client with the modified directory location each time.

Storing datadir in zcash.conf is paradoxical since datadir is the directory in which zcash.conf is stored. :upside_down:

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ezy, just

cp -rp ~/.zcash/* /new_dir rm -rf ~/.zcash
$ ln -s /new_dir ~/.zcash

$ chown -h your_user:your_group ~/.zcash