Running ZecWallet off a USB stick

Hi all. Am trying to run ZecWallet 0.7.1 Mac OSX GUI off a usb stick instead of my computer’s HD. I copy ZecWallet and the Zcash, ZcashParams and zec-qt-wallet-org folders onto the USB and it works just fine. But if I modify those folders’ names on the HD so ZecWallet won’t find them (“not Zcash” etc.) it tries to rebuild them. I cannot find a way in the preferences to redirect which directory for it to look to. When I relabel zcash.conf to “not zcash.conf” it gives me a window saying “configure zcash.config, your cash node be configured for you automatically, show advanced configuration.” When I choose the latter I get “use custom datadir” and if I choose that I can pick my USB’s zcash folder. All seems well until I realize it created a new zcash folder on my desktop again! When I “disable” the ZcashParams folder on the desktop it rebuilds it rather than look to the copy on the USB. So clearly NOT from the USB. When I open preferences again it says “settings being read from (desktop directory)” !!!

What can I do?!

PS: yes, it did try loading ZecWallet directly from the dmg image to the USB rather than copy from the HD to the USB.

You need at least the zcash.conf file on your hard disk, so it can point to the actual data directory on your USB. Please check this section of the docs: FAQ - ZecWallet Docs

You’ll need to keep just your zcash.conf on your hard disk, and add the datadir in there to point to your USB drive. Then ZecWallet will keep all the downloaded files and wallets on the USB drive.

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:+1: much obliged adityapk00.

OK, small follow-up question: Is it possible to disable the datadir function without deleting it so I can toggle ZecWallet using the local HD directory or the flash drive?