How to display individual UTXOs for a z_address?

I’ve had an issue to do with an unspendable z_address balance that may be due to an accumulation of small change amounts. In order to try to clear these change UTXOs without compounding the issue by unintentionally creating more of them, I’d like to list each UTXO in my z_address and then attempt to spend them one-by-one (or however many I can get away with) in transactions that wholly consume each UTXO.

What are the commands to do that?

Have you tried the new z_mergetoaddress command as might be a good fit for this problem?

See here and the UTXO AND NOTE MERGING section.

UTXOs are a Bitcoin thing and only relevant to t-addrs so you are interested in unspent notes (and I don’t know the command to do this other than z_listreceivedbyaddress)

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried but it failed with the following:

“message”: “Selected input notes do not share the same anchor”

Might be worth filing a bug report on that. There are a few references to anchor issues here

Seems to be an issue with mixing taddrs and zaddrs as inputs, results in an anchor problem.

but that was supposedly fixed :confused:

That’s interesting but there was no mixing of address types as inputs for what I tried to do…

This is my github issue:

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