Shielding coins and UTXO

I'm a little bit confused, I made a transaction from my t_addr to my z_addr and I sent 0.00X as stated in 'public input' field in the blockchain explorer but in the 'Inputs' area below I see that my t_addr sent a different (higher) amount 0.YY and I cannot effectively spent that amount of money at the moment. Any ideas?

I see here that the total amount sent (if it all comes from mining) from a t_addr to a z_addr is the entire value of the last UTXO. So i would expect to see in the z_addr 2 transactions, one with the actual amount that I choose to sent (0.00X) and another transaction with value UTXO_value - 0.00x is this right? Why I'm not seeing the UTXO_value-0.00x amount in my z_addr balance but I see it deducted from the t_addr?