How to make a PC with a wallet installed Secure! Zcash4Win


Since there was some trouble with Polo, I installed Zcash4Win on my PC but before storing and mining to it I wanted to ask you, the best community (and possibly the developer of Zcash4Win if he sees this post), how to make the PC on where Zcash4win is installed secure as possible. What software I need to install on it, where to backup, etc etc.

Or if there is an article or a FAQ about this, please link it to me since I didn't find anything relevant as far as I've searched.

Thanks a lot,


When zcash4win is stopped you'll want to backup ~%AppData%\Zcash\wallet.dat and store that offline somewhere, that's what you need to get your funds back if your PC dies, for instance.

Otherwise the same security advice as for any other machine with a bitcoin or similar full node wallet on it.