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I trust the dear radix42. But how can I make sure that doesn’t contain a backdoor? I am afraid that wallet doesn’t encrypt. Could official support give guaranties?

@anon47418038 is a long standing and trusted member of the Zcash Community, I would not worry about viruses/backdoors in his software.

There are no guarantees with Zcash, Bitcoin or any other crypto currency.

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zcash itself is still adding encryption to the wallet.dat file, its not there yet…as soon as it is, zcash4win will support it

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Hey radix,

i wanted to try your windows client, but wether I got the chance to choose the install path nor could I choose where to save the blockchain. I would recommend these features for future versions of your wallet-client. As of now I will stay at linux.

yes, those are on the list for future versions!

I should have read this too before I bought my first Z Cash… Unfortunately, I can’t find my purchase in the app… Can somebody help me?

Is it in a t-addr or z-addr? Is the blockchain synced completely?

and it all came through… it is sitting at Zchain

The money seems to be sitting at Zchain and it is a t-address, I guess I
need to figure out how to get it in a wallet. I thought I was using
zcash4win to initiate the transaction but there is no balance there.
Do I “send” the money using the app from Zchain to zcash4win?
Should I even use zcash4win?
I also own some BTC and ETH at Coinbase, should I try and find a wallet
that can handle all 3?? steep learning curve…

Did you send the funds to an address you generated in the zcash4win wallet?

ping @anon47418038

You would generate a new address in the “My Addresses” panel of zcash4win
and send the funds there from the exchange, it isn’t “at zchain”, that just
shows you what address its at. Where did you get the address you sent it to?

It (the transaction) actually appeared in my Zcash4win yesterday eve. I
figure maybe I hadn’t left the app open long enough for it to transfer
fully… or I had a little help from my friends :wink:

I would like to reiterate the need for safety and list options that are common and required to protect a node:

  1. Ability to change storage at time of install and after
  2. Ability for the program to encrypt with new or already existing system keys
  3. Ability to proxy all connections selectively as systems will not only be used for just Zcash; other cryptocurrency nodes may be running concurrently.
  4. Ability to password canisters of specific users related to transactions instead of address, as addresses may be used by other users.

Why do I think this way,

Power supply and Security are key to any mining farm, so reducing accounts and cryptocurrency nodes to a single protected harbor NAT that may be an integral part of a firewall.proxy/onion would identify your product as security conscious as well as efficient. Keeping nodes up 24/7, secure, and operating transactions is key to the strength and security of the cryptocurrency.

I have had the experience of trying to build and install on several Linux installations. I would recommend Zcash4win as it was the only one that actually contained the essential daemon and tools and a user-friendly gui. I think this program deserves more options to stay strong and useful.

I read the earlier comments and I concur with their experiences, but I do not think that just because the zero group has not implemented something that there should not be options allowed.

I look forward to Zcash4win improvements and thank you very much for your program, it was the only one that made it possible to transact Zcash within 2 hours of the beginning of the install procedure.

I hope users use your donation address contained in the Address Book. I will surely mine on your behalf from time-to-time.

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thanks for the kind words, I know @vaklinov has put a ton of work into the GUI and getting the Windows port of zcashd done and then bundling it all together was a long and grinding process!

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just a quick question about smart mining practices:

wondering if it is safer to transfer t balances to z balances once they are mined with zcash4win?

Is this what people are doing or am I adding an extra step?

Can zcash be mined directly to a z address? Is there a big difference?

Thanks in advance,

it can’t be mined directly to a z-address, although it looks likely that in the next major upgrade of the zcash protocol, from sprout to sapling, will allow you to do that in the future. and yes you can use zcash4win to move freshly mined coinbase to a zaddr.

Is that a good way to go about it? Is there a reason to transfer to the z address? Does it cost anything to do the transfer?

you HAVE TO send freshly mined coinbase UTXO’s to a zaddr, that’s in the consensus rules baked into zcashd. Its just the normal tx fee (0.0001 ZEC, a couple/few pennies right now).

Thanks for the heads up… Do you know if there’s a script or something that does it automatically? Would you recommend doing this once a day or once a week?

well are you getting raw coinbase, or just payout from a pool to a taddr? if you are pool mining I"m sure they are doing the shielding by running it through a zaddr first before paying out. so you only need to worry about it if solo mining