How to migrate Private Keys from ZCash Wallet?

Hello. I mined some ZCash and I put all my mines coins in a my wallet. I was using this wallet:

What happened is that I changed my HD (I have the old one with the wallet private keys, etc) I would like to know how do I migrate my private keys to the new wallet? What is the procedure? Do I have to install the wallet from scratch then I migrate my keys? Could someone explain to me please? Thank you!

You’ll want to keep a backup of your wallet ( and simply copy it into the data directory in your new installation (usually ~/.zcash/) and run zcashd with the -reindex flag.

And just to reiterate, please always keep a backup of your wallet file and/or private keys! :slight_smile:


yup, can’t reiterate this enough! someone ALMOST lost 20+ ZEC the other day because they didn’t!