Importing my old addresses NOOB here

Hey there. I had to re-install my linux and now I want to restore my previous wallet, how can I do that?

Place it in the zcash folder. If your on AWS or other cloud host drop open SFTP with filezilla.

I only backed up the addresses how can I import them?

What do you mean “addresses” ?

The address itself, the ones that you send and receive coins.
I starting to realize that i messed up and I will lose my expensively mined coins.

The addresses alone can already be seen

You need to have the wallet file.

I don’t have any file. What a mess…

Theres anything I can do about this or my coin will be lost?

Someone help with this please:heart:

~/zcash/src/zcash-cli importprivkey abCD1234…

but, you need to have gotten the priv key thus for the addresses with balances
~/zcash/src/zcash-cli dumpprivkey t1…

or even:
~/zcash/src/zcash-cli dumpwallet filename.dat

If you didn’t dump the privkey and do not have wallet.dat ( or a backup ) then by definition the coins are gone forever
( iow, ur fu6Xed )

Right now I’m trying to recover the .dat file from my previous installation it won’t be easy if not impossible because the system was encrypted.
Anyways thank you for your help.

I am new to zec too. I only back up wallet.dat file, can I restore it like bitcoin?

Hi, I’m new to mining … can I have more than swing wallet? or does it just reside on one of my zcash rig’s only? Sounds important so would like to have a backup … or is that not how it works? Thanks

Hopefully I understand what you’re asking:

There is 1 wallet per node. You can create a backup with the RPC zcash-cli backupwallet or by copying the wallet.dat file to a secure location.

Thanks for your reply … does the backup wallet command also include the dumpprivkey … for private key? Thanks

What do you mean … 1 wallet per node? I’m new and I have one GPU rig and am building my second one … does that mean I need a new wallet for my second rig? Thanks

Hi, apologies for missing your responses before now!

You can certainly use the same wallet for multiple rigs.

backupwallet copies the wallet.dat file to location specified by -exportdir= config. You can also use z_exportwallet to export all keys (transparent and shielded) in human readable format to location set by -exportdir=

Thanks so much… how often do/ should I backup my wallet?
It seems like a such important thing, can I have it running on more than one machine? Is there a better place to put my coins? Like a bank that is less vulnerable to crash like a PC can do?
Thanks so much for your great support!

Create back ups as much as possible… especially when you receive Zcash in new addresses.

I would recommend keeping separate wallets for separate clients. You can think of a backup as a cold storage copy, try to keep it on a device separate from where you run the client and not connected to the internet (like a USB flash drive that holds only your cryptocurrency backups).

By having the same wallet active in multiple clients, you increase the exposure of those keys to attackers.