How to send multi addresses balance to a single address

I have some addresses which have some small balance , how I send it to a single address in one txn

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I’m been wondering if that’s possible, and if so how to do it, too!

An RPC call for this specific cmd is non existent.
Ugly hack is to just to use some shell script magic and place each addr within a for loop:

for a in addr1, addr2, ..., addr42; do zcash-cli z_sendmany $a '[{"amount": 6.66, "address": "SOME_ADDR"}]'; done

btw, @ucwong and @anon47418038, if you wanted this as a feature within a future wallet, what would be more beneficial to either of you

  1. Send all funds avail from multi addrs to a single
  2. Specialize amount for each addr within our multi and send to a single
  3. Both

For myself right now, #1 would do it…small amounts of change that have ended up in different taddr’s is very annoying!

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thanks for thoughts.
such a trivial feature, you’d think this would have been implemented in bitcore core years ago, or at least some of the developed wrappers would have considered the thought?