Hudson Jameson Leaving ZCG

From ZCG Open Call for Candidates June 2022:

Wanted to drop a quick message to address leaving ZCG and express my thoughts on the future of ZCG and Zcash.

There has been some conflict in the Zcash ecosystem lately, but my departure from ZCG has nothing to do with that. It is discouraging to see people who are aligned on the same goal miscommunicating and arguing, but it is part of the growth of a grassroots ecosystem. I am confident that through better communication methods/channels and in-person discussions upcoming at Zcon3 there will be resolutions. I also feel very at peace with the state of Zcash technology as a whole for one primary reason. Throughout the drama, the Zcash developers have continued to build. Obviously forum/Twitter drama can be a distraction, but despite this the devs/researchers seem to have a stronger bond than ever, across both ECC/ZF and other orgs that are working on Zcash. Excellent work has been done all across the Zcash dev stack and it keeps getting better.

I am also thrilled to say that compared to 1 year ago there has been massive improvements in ZCG and the relationship between ZF and ZCG. The new committee that was elected in January really listened to the concerns of the old committee and took steps to build on their work to really carve a unique spot in the Zcash ecosystem for ZCG. Everyone at the ZF has been very helpful in continuing to give ZCG appropriate autonomy, but being there for vital support roles. The new discretionary budget has also been helpful for this. The start of the Zcash Ambassadors Program is something I’m especially proud of ZCG for kick starting because it is an effort that is experiencing a lot of growth and promise.

The reason I’m leaving ZCG is because I need a break. I’ve had a very, very rough past 2 years, including a recent death in the family that had taken me completely away from ZCG activities for a bit. In February, I quit my full time crypto job at Flashbots due to a series of mental health issues that prevented me from working full time and dropped other commitments relating to crypto except for a few advisor positions that are low hours and ZCG. I feel like Zcash is at a pivotal moment in it’s history that is incredibly important. I wanted to be there and help, so I ran and was re-elected for ZCG. Through therapy and discussion with friends/family it is becoming obvious that I need to take a break from crypto that includes leaving ZCG to focus on other hobbies and mental/physical health, as crypto has been my obsessions for over 10 years. I’ll see how taking a crypto break from any commitments goes, but I don’t expect to be away forever and will still shitpost/post cat photos on Twitter, as well as come to the forums sometimes to comment :slight_smile:

Huge thanks for the support I have received from the Zcash community during my tougher times, especially those at the ZF and ZCG/ZOMG members I have worked closely with the past 2 years. ZOMG (the previous inaugural committee made up of myself @Shawn, @ml_sudo, @holmesworcester, @cburniske) laid the ground work for what ZCG is today and deserve a special shout-out.

Thank you all so much for the support and electing me to serve on ZCG :slight_smile:

P.S: I have a dream…maybe a vision? a dream…
I have a dream that in a symbolic showing unity around Zcash’s mission and goals that ECC and ZF members will participate in karaoke during Zcon3. Maybe @zooko and @Dodger could perform the song Tubthumping by Chumbawamba? There is a part of the song that I think sounds super similar to @Dodger :yum:



Thank you for your service, your kind words, and for your feedback and advice over the past 17 months.

When you’ve had your break, and you feel ready to plunge back into the crypto maelstrom, please let me know because I’ll be aiming to do all I can to ensure that the Zcash community and ecosystem continues to benefit from your wisdom and guidance!

I hope it’s not “Pissing the night away…”!!! :laughing: