Human friendly offline wallet backup

One thing one must have to be confident enough to store what he considers a big amount is that he has sufficiently secure backup.

That means backup he can generate and store in offline, cold storage, and reliably restore in a new device.

Bitcoin’s BIP32, 39 and 44 altogether allow for an easy method: seed recovery. Anyone knows how to write words in a paper. This gives the user the confidence of generating as many transparent addresses as he likes.

Since Zcash is based on bitcoin, how hard would be to adapt those standards for transparent addresses into Zcash client, and also extend them to generate also shielded addresses using the same seed?

This may be a little off-topic but do you know about the Cryptoshield product?

Also, any input, including a short, easy-to-remember phrase can be SHA256 hashed and turned into a 256 bit number that can then be transformed into a private key.