Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): Will Electric Coin Company (ZCash) become a DAO?

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A solid structural organization is necessary to efficiently develop and rapidly grow any new technology. Centralized organizations like startups and more solidified legal entities, such the Electric Coin company, are historically proven ways to create innovation that gets utilized by the masses.

However, given the principles of openness and decentralization, the perception is that ZCash currently doesn’t provide users the confidence that it isn’t some sketchy currency built to benefit those in governing positions of the company.

Too much power in too few hands.

In the near future, I see that the implementation of HALO 2 would eliminate one of the biggest doubts in the currency, the possibility that the trusted setup was compromised, since HALO 2 would be “trust-less”. (Please correct me if I got this wrong, its very technical stuff so my explanation may be off.)

Another idea that would bring ZCash closer to mass adoption is perhaps the conversion from a Company structure to a DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, similar or along the lines of what Bisq has done.
( More info on DAO) )

Surely DAO is not perfect but it’s a step away from the norm and closer to the principles of a decentralized currency.

I was wondering what your thoughts are about DAO, and whether this system or a structure away from a company structure, is something that ZCash is considering seriously for the near future.


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