If I lost or forget the protected address , can I still use the protected coin in that address?

I have sent some coin to a protected address , I find that I can only check the balance or use these coins with the right protected address.

I am wondering what will happen if I lost or forget the protected address with coin ? How can I find the addresses back?

Your protected addresses are part of your wallet file. Just make a wallet backup from time to time and you will be ok.
In case you password protect your wallet, be sure to remember or backup your password as well.

To check addresses in your wallet you can use: ./src/zcash-cli z_listaddresses
or use: ./src/zcash-cli listtransactions to check the transactions.

thank you ! Another question , if I generate a protected address, should I back up the wallet file again?

Yes. (with extra characters added to satisfy the forum-post filter)

Thank you ! That means I still have change to lose the protected coin ? So you can’t use the zaddr just like taddr

You should take whatever precautions you take with any of your other spending keys. There have been a number of specific additions to zcashd over the codebase it was forked from to provide the functionality for protected coins and addresses so, yes, there are significant differences in using z_ and t_addresses.

Also note that storing keys for z-addresses is not currently supported for an encrypted wallet, so use unencrypted wallets for testing for the time being. This will be fixed in beta 2.