Import Zcash wallet


I was wondering if someone can please refer me to a wallet (online/application) where I can import a private key (for Zcash) and use the wallet. I used Jaxx and converted Bitcoin to Zcash but there was an error and I can not access the coins or wallet, but it says that there are coins in the wallet. I contacted Jaxx and they said they are aware of the problem but the only thing I can do is to import the address key into another site or app but I can’t seem to find a wallet where I can do that. Please help me out.


hello Brandon, try Zcash Wallets - Zcash Community

i had the same problem with jaxx converting zcash to bitcoin my coins dissapeared and didn’t get any bitcoin, but after 2 or 3 uses of clear cache button got my zcash back. i didn’t recommend jaxx, just transfer your coins to another wallet when can see them