Important Team Zephyr update please read

Hi all,

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Elliot Blanchard ( @elliotblanchard ) has decided to depart Team Zephyr. We would like to thank Elliot for his contributions and for helping make this transition period smooth and successful. We believe he will be a strong asset to the community and will help build a more useable zcash.

We have held off on posting this until we were in a better position to inform the community of the problems and our proposed solutions.

Elliot took on 4 main roles,

  • Project Manager/Lead
  • Treasurer
  • Designer
  • Plug-in developer.

There are other knock on impacts for the project, I will discuss them and their risk mitigation too.
- Mistfpa will step up as general Project Manager, with the support of FireIce as Eng PM.
- Mistfpga is currently forming a company though an accountancy firm that has specialised experience with crypto payments, tax and disbursal of funds so he can take over as treasurer.
- We are currently trailing a recommended chromium plugin developer. FireIce is still assessing him.
- Our plugin designer also has a wealth of web development experience.

Points of note:
Elliot has displayed the utmost integrity and repaid all funds in full.

  • Things like this do happen. a lot more than people realise. I am so thankful to Elliot for having the courage to come forward.

  • Currently FireIce holds the engineering funds returned by Elliot so he can get a replacement.

  • errta

    • while no major reworking of the technical aspects of the milestones and deliveries their will be some small ones that make sense given the current situation.
    • 3rd party test needs to be redone
    • Project plan will need mild reworking

As you can see this has set us back about 4+ weeks, this unfortunately means we will be doing the project plan and test plan while the coders are doing code (rather than helping with the planning)

I am currently working on the new timescales, we have some work we can reuse, but a lot will need to be done from scratch again. I am aiming to have all this done within the week.

FireIce and myself feel very strongly that we should not apply for anymore payouts until the project is ready to move forward at full speed. We are also prepared to return funds should

We have been speaking with the MGRC and ZFND and would like to thank them so much for their support and encouragement in this.

Moving forward I will be aiming for at least once weekly updates with summaries for nontechnical people to assess where we are with this project. We hope we continue to receive the love and support of the community.

MistFPGA & FireIce
Team Zephyr