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Snippets of the 3 events completed.

UAB & Bessmer Public Library:

On February 22nd, we held an event that proved exciting and highly informative. We managed to collaborate with Siamese Dreams (a local non-profit), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and Alabama Power. While at the University of Alabama Birmingham, experienced crypto experts came from across the state. Our speakers included Tyler Frost and Matthew Rizzio, who partnered with us to educate and relay their experiences within the space, as well as their individual interactions with Zcash. The crowd was relevant and alert, since it consisted of Alabama Power Engineers and students that showcased their interest by submitting survey data both preceding and following the event. Our full and complete debrief will be available end of month via Medium, Linkedin and Steemit. The Bessemer Public Library event was also a new experience since it exposed Zcash to a rural area of Birmingham, Alabama. Our survey data compared across regions emphasized that more outreach is necessary in often overlooked outskirts like these. We were continually told this was the first time individuals at the Bessemer Public Library had seen or heard of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Zcash.

Howard University:

On March 30th, we held a successful event in collaboration with the African Business Club and Howard Blockchain Labs. Hosted in Annex Seminar Room, the crowd and audience was very much engaged with the privacy aspects of Zcash and the impact of Blockchain technology in Africa. Howard is a Historical Black College University (HBCU) and the Eventbrite link also managed to attract local cryptocurrency enthusiasts that did not attend the college. Students and community members actively engaged by also submitting survey data both preceding and following the event.

After the event, surveys show the majority had an increased interest in utilizing Zcash while investing, even favoring Zcash over more popularized cyrptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Our full and complete debrief will also be available end of month via Medium, LinkedIn and Steemit.

In April, we have multiple events planned in both Nashville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama. Currently, we have speaking events at Alabama A&M and Tennessee State University (TSU), as well as a community event in Nashville. This event will be hosted at Pluckerz, a local favored chicken restaurant that caters to millennials. After exposing this business to cryptocurrency and blockchain, the restaurant has now decided to enlist Zcash as a form of payment within the store for clients. This event will celebrate this addition to their payments platform and mark the beginning of Zcash purchases following the event. Plucerz serves as a direct example of our local strategy to promote buy-in from small businesses and expose them further to Zcash. Throughout this process, we will also make sure to update the MineZcash list for businesses accepting Zcash.

Please find attached samples of data we are currently analyzing to form a debrief outlining preceding and post-event insights, in addition to pictures and media resulting from the events.


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