Zcash Fesitval Brazil


Zcash Fesitval Brazil

Team member name:

Mariana Dumont

Team member name:

Lawrence Ray

Event Name:

Zcash Fesitval Brazil

Event Date:


Event Location (physical location or virtual)

Florianopolis, Brazil

Funding Request Amount (USD):

$6000.00 USD

Category (select one):


Detailed Explanation of Event (please include links, if applicable):

This is a community initiative that kicks off with launching a Zcash Crypto Festival with workshops, fireside chats and some special gamified experiences. Producing engaging videos and different types of compelling content as well.

The workshops and presentations will serve as an excellent way to introduce & promote Zcash to the ever-growing crypto community in Latin America, both in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Which will then be followed with more educational content and weekly meetups to build the momentum.

(We do luckily have an engaged local crypto community, and successful past events and we host weekly meetups and workshops for a couple of years already)

Past participants include Beincrypto (3rd largest crypto outlet in the world), Animal Concerts (Metaverse platform with Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys… etc), Bitrefill, and many others.

Here’s a video of past edition shared by one of the partners in the cross-marketing campaign:


How would sponsoring this event benefit the Zcash community?

We would love to help with is exposure in Latin America, content and community building. The event also allows for Co-marketing campaigns with some of the participants in order to create co-promotion material to be shared among social media channels thus multiplying the exposure.

As past experiences have shown, this would likely result in a plethora of new clients, integration opportunities, co-marketing campaigns, and all sorts of collaborations and potential clients.

After all, most builders, developers and business development teams appreciate live events for networking and collaboration opportunities. On top of all the video content we will create for the event.

Clips of the fireside chats, as well as the presentation would serve as evergreen pieces of content for the Zcash community to use freely whenever they want.

P.S: We believe that our team’s combined experience would help launch a memorable event for Zcash.


Adil Elias: In crypto since 2016, launching several successful growth campaigns in steemit.com. & Co-hosted the first ever Web3 Book club with 10-times Bestselling author Neil Strauss. Ex-CMO at FIO Protocol (Blockchain domains). Organizer of Floripa Crypto Day 1 & 2


Mariana Dumont:

Commercial director & event organizer for Reuters. Organizor of the Global Summit with world renowned speakers from different fields: Banking, Web3, AI… etc:

Ex-event organizer for Loja Integrada (Brazil’s Shopify), ex-event organizer for Hanson Wade conferences.


Lawrence Ray:

Ex-head of marketing at Bitrefill, currently Business development and ex-host of To The Moon podcast, speaker and event organizer. Co-organizer of Floripa Crypto Day 2.


How would Zcash Community Grant’s sponsorship be recognized during your event? Examples: Logo on Website, Marketing Materials, Presentations, etc…

Logos in all the promotional material: social media and physical. As you can see in some of the videos of the previous editions we always print out large physical banners.

There will be dedicated presentations about Zcash, as well as workshop tutorials and Q&As.

Videos of the event will be provided as well, both presentation, clips, pictures and after-movies.

Cross-marketing campaigns will include social media mentions and links to Zcash socials., etc.

Size and demographic information of your target audience:

English speaking, Spanish Speaking and Portuguese speaking crypto audience, Brazilian Zcash fans and Business development personek and devs who want to build on Zcash.

As in size: We’re aiming nothing less but surpass -and hopefully double - the second edition with around 500 physical attendees and at least 50.000 online viewers.

Please list organizations/companies that have already committed funding for this event:

Smartpay, Animal Concerts, Bitrefill

Will the event be recorded? (If yes we request that you send us a link to the recording when available.)



Hello, I’m Iogy designer and member of Zcash Brasil, we work actively in the Brazil Community as you can see in this topic Zcash Global <> Zcash Brazil.

Are you in any Zcash Brazil community? Did you speak to someone on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Telegram, Substack or Odysee to measure how this proposal could be carried out?

I even say in terms of workshops, because in our team and in our community there are people who actively do this.


Hello! How are you doing? Welcome to the Zcash community.

I am Michael, ambassador of Zcash Brazil. I would like to share that our team has been actively developing the local Zcash Brazil community for about two years, and we have a complete team working in Brazil, including PR, designers, community managers, developers, and more. We have even organized events in Brazil, such as Zcon Vozes - RJ.

I assume you have heard of Zcash Brazil from a friend or met us at an event, which is why we are here, so can you tell me what your main goal is? because this doesn’t seem like a “community initiative” to me, as no one has contacted us or is part of our community, but we are here to help and welcome you as a member if you’re interested, we will be happy to help.

Now, regarding the “Zcash Festival Brazil” proposal, from my initial analysis and opinion, this event, even if approved, will not take place well. This is because it is not focused solely on Zcash, but rather includes other projects. For this event to happen, the Zcash Brazil team would have to be 100% focused on making it happen, but that isn’t the case, right?

Based on my experience in Zcash, Brazil, and the crypto industry, this proposal does not make sense at the moment for many reasons.


Hi Logy, I am in the Zcash Brasil in Discord yes.

First of all, nice to meet you. I’m Adil, the organizer of Floripa Crypto Day editions.

We haven’t invited workshops speakers yet… But we will soon. We are not there yet.


Right now we are in the stage of securing the facilities (In this case Acate: The innovation center) also the audiovisual team… And the rest of infrastructure related needs.

As these events usually carry a few hundred guests, there are only a few strategic places on the island to carry away the festival.

The last thing we want is to start inviting speakers and/or guests while the location is in the air.

Date and place always comes first → Budgets decide the quality of facilities…

I hope I explained well.

Though as I said, once we have clarity on what we can work with (Which locations the budget can afford) we will start inviting speakers with exact location and date in hand.

In our experience, once you have a great location set. It’s not as hard to invite quality speakers as we had companies like Bitrefill, BeInCrypto, Animal Concerts, Cointelegraph, investing.com… Sending us speakers, even CEOs sometimes.

We will obviously make priority to those who have been building on Zcash for long, but we also aim to invite international outlets to give some exposure and attention to Zcash.

Meanwhile, here are some media about the two events I organized for my previous company which resulted in some good exposure, integrations, co-marketing campaigns, even listing in exchanges.



P.S: All the venue costs are transparent in the Acate website.

P.S.S: I hope you can come. Please send me a message if you want to collab. Either way. I will reach out to send the invitations once the location is rented.

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I am very happy for the initiative.
We value this a lot, education and onboarding about the Zcash case is very important.

But I don’t see the most appropriate moment, we already work with DAOglas from Rio Crypto Hub and we have already participated in several editions as well as other events in Brazil last year.

I always talk to the Brazilian team about the time for us to do something big, and it’s close. Many applications are being finalized such as ZSA, Zebra, Zavaz and when they come out, something of this size will be very important. And I would be very happy to be able to organize something like that or work together for it.

I’m not the one who will vote for your proposal. But if approved, it would be very interesting to involve our team in Brazil to raise the level of content on the Zcash protocol. We know a lot of people involved with the topic of privacy too.


Hi Michael,

I hope you know that the reason I didn’t contact you first is not because we wanted to step over you, or anything like that.

From our perspective, it was purely too soon. Clearly we were wrong.

We need to close a location before anything else, that’s all. Every event starts with a date and place.

We always want to collab, why wouldn’t we?

I just don’t reach out to people saying: “Hey guys, let’s launch an amazing event in Floripa?”


“Oh we don’t know yet.”

It was just too soon, location still pending on other factors.

In short, we just wanted to get the infrastructure sorted out first. It’s was NEVER our intention to step on your toes, or anything like that.

It was purely organizational, but I apologize. If you’re open to it, we can hop on a call, you can ask anything… And if you’re happy, we can collaborate.

P.S: For context, the only other projects we will invite are crypto outlets for exposure purposes.

In the past edition we invited exchanges, wallets, NFT companies with A-listers because we wanted to help with integrations, listing in exchanges… etc.

Anyways, sorry for the miscommunication, Michael.


Thank you Logy!

You mean Douglas Miranda from Rio Crypto Hub? You can ask him about me. Or ask Taniolo… etc.

He knows I’m always open to collaborate, he can tell you about our network here in Floripa, past events, weekly meetups… etc.

Absolutely, we will involve your team if you want to participate. And we’ll give stage time to Zcash apps either launched or being built.

Again, I should’ve reached out first. But we were waiting to see what we can offer:

Recroding studio for interviews, how many minutes stage times, how many banners and stations we can offer to how many companies.

A lot of logistics that needed to be ironed out, so that we know how we can offer to projects who want to “Palestrar”.

So… I assume the Mea Culpa. Let’s adapt.

Can I reach out to you in Discord, we discuss with the workshops, speakers and guests.

And of course, we would love you guys to be involved!


Cool, let’s wait for ZCG’s response.

But I emphasize that I don’t see the right time to carry out this partnership, we are mobilizing for other events today such as Zcon ONLINE (where we will be able to engage the Global community), we have ZF AudioVisual CLUB in our discord which provides great support to the events and always gets involved in streaming, workshops and film editing.
It might be cool to get involved with them and stay on top of the roadmap, it’s open to any member of the community who wants to contribute.

And even though it wasn’t approved, it doesn’t mean we couldn’t work together in the future. I hope to continue seeing you here and on our discord!


Sure Logy thanks. I just wanted to reiterate that our aim was to always add and provide something that could be valuable to Zcash.

Never did we intend to step on any toes, or distract from the events you guys are organizing. But rather bring more attention and excitement to the network as a whole. As the saying goes: The more, the merrier.

Sorry if you guys feel like we overstepped you or anything.

All the best!


@The-Alien Thank you for your submission. After consideration from @ZcashGrants and sufficient time for the community to provide feedback on the forum, the committee has decided to reject this proposal as it is out of scope.

The committee appreciates your grant submission efforts and encourages you to continue as an active member of the Zcash community going forward, both here on the forum and in the below avenues as well: