Incentivizing Zcash Shielded pool growth brainstorm

I been pondering the idea of incentivizing Zcash z-address adoption & longterm shielded pool growth with a % of the block reward.

Shielded ZEC “staking”?!

Not sure how it could work but let’s brainstorm…

say @zcashomg grants 1% of their 8% of total ZEC block reward allocation to shielded pool users or “stakers”

maybe users lock up shielded ZEC into a hashed timelock contract that expires at the block of the next halving?..(are shielded timelocks even possible currently?)

so long term ZEC shielded pool zodlers can be rewarded through inflation & new users are incentivized to migrate to the shielded pool right away & stay

this could also be a way for x amount of the supply/float to be locked up in contracts for the next 3 years…

I obviously haven’t crunched any real numbers but would 1% of block reward for 3 years be enough of an incentive for new & current shielded pool users?

would it have to be setup in a way that if you have x % of total ZEC in the pool you are rewarded x amount in rewards?

let’s say you are .1% of the current shielded pool, so like 600 ZEC, would you get .1% of the total rewards allocated to this idea? (.1% of the 1%)

As shielded pool grows your rewards diminish but your privacy is improved with the anonymity set growth…

It is by no means a fleshed out idea But I would like to discuss the potential viability & sentiment of this with the community.

This concept is similar to the PRINCE proposal from Reddit that was mentioned in today’s Gardening club call, found below…

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As much as I am a fan of incentivizing Zcash users to move all funds to Shielded Pools, I think it is too early to make these heavy core consensus level changes. It might be better to incorporate these ideas when ideating on migration to a Proof of Stake mechanism. Otherwise, the Auto Shielding feature in wallets to migrate all transparent funds to user’s shielded address is a better bet to move many-a-ZEC to Shielded Pools.