Initiating Founders' Reward transfers


We previously blogged [1] that we would begin transfers of the Founders’ Reward “on or after November 28th, 2016”. This is a short update that the transfers will not begin today. The earliest they may begin is tomorrow, and it is also likely that they will not begin until even later in the week.

We will update this thread with more information as soon as we can.

[1] Founders' Reward Transfers - Electric Coin Company


@nathan-at-least What is the latest estimate regarding the timing of the transfers? Is there any new information?

@nathan-at-least @zooko I am very curious about the founders reward distribution. I’ve been holding off on investing in zcash until a successful distribution has occurred. Any update?

I made a new thread over here: Almost ready to begin first distribution of Founders Reward - #3 by zminer1

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