Innosilicon advertises they will sell their chips to anyone

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I have my doubts this will be somehow successfull? Who would buy chips that are allready used by a competitor from the competitor?

Do i miss something?

If someone wants a large scale water cooled facility, they aren’t going to get that with the products offered.

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Yes, they will sell to anyone at an 800% profit margin. Very generous.

Like Bitmain, Innosilicon is showing signs of coaching from the Zcash team, which furthers my suspicion that there is a deal between Zooko and the major ASIC manufacturers.

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I think that’s an absurdly unsubstantiated claim.



The tone of Bitmain and Innosilicon is distinctly different after Zooko talked to them than it was before Zooko talked to them.

Here’s a tweet from the CEO of Bitmain just over a year ago:

Now they are suddenly committed to fairness and transparency. Their tone is now much more similar to the writing you’d see on the Zcash blogs than from a CEO who told people to “F their mothers.” They are writing like a socially concerned Silicon Valley company. It doesn’t fit their previous behavior.

So, yes, I think Zcash has told Bitmain and Innosilicon what to say.

What leverage would zcash company have to make bitmain and insilicon say what they wanted to say?
Invalidating the machines that have contributed about zippo to the companies wealth?
Paying them off with stuff they can mine anyways?
Going to need you to explain this one in detail because I can’t figure it out

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Like many and most … nothing new at all…
And just the next topic watered with conspiracy zooko bribery corruption stories …

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Yeah man it’s ridiculous, 77 z9s went out in the first batch
At 850 apiece that $65,450 TOTAL

First batch was 1999.00 USD, bevor somone else jumps in and accuses you too to be paid by Bitmain :joy:

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Too late! : P So that would be $154k, a drop in the bucket, it’s more money for sure but still in the whole grand scheme of things, nada

Bitmain and Innosilicon will probably make hundreds of millions of dollars from Equihash ASICs over the next few years if Zcash does not become ASIC resistant. This means they have a very strong incentive to make sure Zcash does not fork to a memory hard algortihm. Good businesses will do whatever they can to make money, which is why I have no doubt that bribing developers to stay ASIC friendly is on the table for ASIC manufacturers.

Ok, you think bribes
Anything else?

Edit- by the way, that’s Jihan Wu buying (bribing) Zooko
The other person insists that Zooko bought Jihan Wu
Still confused ( because neither makes sense )

What was the bribery offer for Monero, BTG, and others that the devs there refused?

Jihan would have bribed Zooko.

Zooko says “Ok, but we need to make sure that the community believes ASICs are fair and transparent. We can’t let ASICs discredit my project.”

For Monero, yes. It’s likely that Bitmain tried to bribe them and failed. Given what I’ve seen from FluffyPony, I believe that he is more motivated by ideology and less motivated by money compared to Zooko.

I doubt Bitmain bothered with BTG because it’s a small coin.

Also, I believe that Electroneum and Sumokoin were bribed to go back to the original Cryptonight algorithm. These are small coins, but Bitmain needs any reason they can find to justify the Cryptonight ASICs at this point.

Well since all of them are Asic resistance and hate bitmain they would be happily willing to divulge that information wouldn’t they?
Maybe @zooko knows since hes on the payroll too?

Than again, how big was the bribery offer for the Monero devs? Pretty sure that a Bitmain hater immediatly would post that on all news. Just logical.

About cryptonite. You are wrong. There are over 40 coins on cryptonite original and the X3 was still more than profitable. ETN was nonstop attacked due the gpu mining debacle after the fork without real hashrate left on their network. But of course, such things are not really reasons for you to fork back as there is no conspiracy bonus involved, lol. ETN getting attacked 5 times per day, devs spending 10,000’s of USD on nicehash to have some running network because of lack of gpu miners isn’t really a reason, just peanuts.

I definitely know what you’re talking about there. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around Bitmain’s new policies as well. I have a theory. Bitmain really has something special, they’re the largest asic manufacturer and they make BANK. We all know that. But the general sentiment toward Bitmain is pretty negative. Speaking from strictly a business standpoint, it would make sense for them to be more transparent and “change their ways,” as it were. I mean as it stands right now I’d probably pay a little extra (just a little haha) to support a competitor of Bitmain’s if I were in the market for an asic miner. Maybe they realize that if they don’t do some work to repair relationships with the crypto community and change some of their deceptive practices that people will flock away from them in droves, given the opportunity.