Instant Zcash exchange

Hello, Zcash community! is an instant, fully automatic cryptocurrency exchange.

With us, you can exchange Zcash and other cryptocurrencies in a few clicks and make profitable deals with fixed and floating rates, tailored to your needs.

No registration. No hassle. Just scan a QR code, and you are ready to go.

We guarantee:

  • The best rates. Every day we compare the rates of top instant exchanges. On FixedFloat our customers always make exchanges on the most favourable terms.

  • Fair deals. To make the exchange process as transparent and fair as possible, we offer two​ exchange options: - Fixed rate (1%) and Float rate (0.5%).

  • Rapid transactions. All stages of any transaction are trackable online. FixedFloat exchange transactions are designed to be performed at maximum speed and with maximum user convenience.

  • Caring customer service. Real-time support is available 24/7 to deal with all queries and questions via Live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and many other channels and media.

  • Security. We never store your funds. All exchanges take place automatically, after several confirmations of the blockchain network.

We have created FixedFloat for millions of cryptocurrency users around the world who need a reliable, trusted partner for digital exchange. We welcome any feedback and requests for additional/enhanced features to streamline your experience: contact us here or write to our support.

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Think big. Exchange wisely.

Dear Zcash community!

We have successfully launched the Lightning Network, now you can exchange Bitcoin Lightning on Zcash in a few seconds.

Best regards, team.
Think big. Exchange wisely.